3 Reasons to Invest in a Supply of Doorstops

Who among us hasn’t cringed while watching an open door slam into a wall? The problem is doubly irritating because it is easily prevented with a simple hard plastic floor door stop. The small, incredibly useful devices are inexpensive, adaptable and easy to find. In fact, creative homeowners often buy several at one time and use them to solve a range of problems. Stops can keep children safer, give pets access to rooms and hold doors open.

Door Stops Can Be Adapted for Creative Uses

Many people buy rubber stops in order to keep the wind from slamming doors shut suddenly. A spring or summer breeze is wonderful, but can cause sudden, loud slamming noises that startle young children and pets. Simple rubber stops can be wedged under doors to prevent the problem. They do not scratch and may be used on any surface. Door stops also make it easy to keep doors open when bringing items in and out. They can act as extra security, too. A stop placed under an inside door prevents it from being opened. Some owners use them on exterior doors as well.

Wedges Under Doors Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Many parents consider door stops part of kid proofing. Wedging them under doors can prevent damage to tiny fingers and toes. In fact, some parents teach their children to use stops to keep doors safely open. Customers also buy the rubber wedges to make sure doors are open for pets or to safely confine them in spaces. Some buyers consider stops essential safety equipment for small pets, which could be seriously harmed by slamming doors.

Using Stops Protects Doors and Walls

Rubber stops are also popular alternatives to attachable kick stands, which cannot be removed without leaving ugly holes. Kickstands themselves are unsightly, but there is no way to hide them when they’re not needed. On the other hand, door stops can be wedged under the fronts or backs of doors and will keep doorknobs from damaging walls. They are portable, can be stored when not in use and may be re-used on doors anywhere in the house.

Rubber door stops are affordable, portable and very useful. They prevent doors from slamming, which protects pets and children from injuries. The small wedges also hold doors open, increase security and protect walls.