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Getting Your AC Ready for the Summer

You want to be absolutely sure that your home’s AC is working at maximum efficiency well before the first heat wave of the year. In addition to keeping your house at a comfortable temperature, the HVAC system is also your first line of defense against airborne allergens. These few maintenance tips will help you get your air conditioner ready for the warmest months of the year.

Clear Around the Outdoor Condenser

Your HVAC system most likely has an outdoor condenser along the side of your home. Tall grass, tree branches, bushes, hoses, and tools need to be at least three feet away from the condenser. When the system is turned on, the condenser’s fan could draw in any loose debris that is nearby. You can also use a hose to wash off the outside of the condenser and the concrete foundation that it is attached to.

Turn the System on for 15 or 20 Minutes

While the weather is still moderate, you should test the air conditioner for about 15 …

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Refrigerator

Many people shy away from replacing the refrigerator until it absolutely necessary due to the investment cost. Replacing an old, outdated refrigerator can actually save you money on energy use, storage capacity, and reliability. Below are five reasons an upgrade of this appliance is an expense worth looking in to right away.

Does it look battle-scarred?

Over time and consistent use, a refrigerator will get dents, dings, and scratches. The surface will begin to show lines of rust that can be unattractive. You can drag the refrigerator outdoors and use a can of spray paint, but the rust will eventually bleed through again. If you are too embarrassed to have anyone look at your refrigerator, it may be time for a serious upgrade.

It Is More Than 30 Years Old

An appliance that is more than 30 years old could quit working at any time. It is like playing a game of chance with your fresh and frozen items. Older appliances will not be designed with as many energy-saving features …