How to Prepare Basements for Public Home Based Businesses

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Rather than finding prime retail space for launching a business into the public eye, many home business owners are turning towards a cheaper and more financially secure option: opening the business to the public within their own home. For homeowners who do not use their basements, why not transform an existing room into the office, retail store, or salon that has been dreamed of? Renovation costs could be far less than purchasing or renting a business location, while also significantly increasing the value of the home!

Sealing and Cleaning the Basement

The first step in preparing the basement location is sealing the moisture out and cleaning any and all mold or mildew out of it. Many unfinished basements, especially in older homes, tend to leak water and air. This causes the basement to be rather humid and drafty, a great environment for odor causing fungal species to thrive in. Basement waterproofing services Buffalo NY will eliminate the moisture breach, allowing the homeowner to clean and dry the basement, hang sheet rock walls, and install flooring without worrying about recurrent moisture damage.

Installing Strong Steel Doors & Locks

As with any business, it is always recommended to install strong steel doors and locks. This protects the business from crime. In the case of an in-home business, all entry points to the business should be guarded with these doors and locks. By using a strong door between the basement and the upper level of the home, the owner can ensure that no one can slip inside of the home from the basement. This added security will protect the family, the home, and the business.

Noise Cancelling Insulation & Speaker Installation

Since the home is where the family lives and plays, it could become rather noisy for customers. A great solution for noise is noise cancelling insulation. This should be mounted in the ceiling of the basement, and ceiling panels can be used to cover it, while giving the business a professional appearance. Installing small speakers allows the homeowner to play music during store hours, further reducing and drowning out the noise from the home.

Operating a home business within a basement is a smart way to open the first physical establishment for customers and clients. It offers fewer risks, while allowing the business owner to stay close to his or her family while at work.

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