Obtaining Leads for Contractors


For homeowners to find good contractors, they have to go through a variety of steps to find one that is professional, responsible and meets their home improvement needs. A contractor needs to be visible during these steps in order to find the clients that they wish to work with. The key to getting contractor leads is to know where the clients are and meet them halfway. Here are some of the places where your contracting business can find great leads.

Get Listed with Groups and Organizations
When a potential customers sees that you are listed with an organization that is known for its professionalism and high standards, you will instantly go to the top of their list on who they are considering hiring for the job. There are plenty of state and national organizations that will help you find leads for little more than a yearly due and a commitment to upholding the organization’s standards in all the work you do.

Use Existing Customers as a Resource
One of the easiest ways to find contracting jobs is to use your existing customer base as a resource for future work. They already know the quality of your work and how you handle each job professionally, so it is important that they spread the word to others who are looking to get similar home improvement projects completed.

While many customers will talk about a great home project experience on their own, you may have some customers who will need a little incentive to tell everyone what they thought about your work. You can offer different types of incentives such as a percentage discount on a future project or a double discount for the customer and their referrals. If you really want to reward customers, you can establish a referral program that rewards everyone involved. While this is often tactic used in different industries, it can work for contractors on a local level.

Maintain and Social Media Presence
It doesn’t matter how local your contracting business may be–having a social media presence is important for your business to be visible to your target audience. It can be a great way to find leads because you can tap into specific online communities that are looking to start home improvement projects. You can also engage with this audience and establish yourself as an expert, which can easily lead to more customers in the near future.

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