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Why It Is Important To Use Fluoride For Your Tooth In the human anatomy, the teeth are considered to be among the topmost strongest body parts. Contrary to many people’s opinion, the tooth is not a bone. It is usually calcified tissue known as the dentine. It has shiny surfaces and it is usually very hard. For the dentine to grow, just like the bone requires minerals to prevent diseases and infections. The teeth all the time losses or gains minerals. One of these minerals is fluoride. You can easily find this mineral in a lot of foods and water. Fluoride prevents the teeth from decaying by making the tooth more resistant to bacteria sugar and plaque in the mouth. The bacteria and the sugar or the plaque forms an acid that is the leading cause of tooth decay and cavity. Ensuring that your kid takes fluoride minerals when they are young enables them to have a strong enamel. The kids have a benefit referred to as the systematic benefit by the dentist. The teeth of such kids will break out of the gum strong and very healthy. Even after erupting continuous administering of fluoride compliments to the kid will prevent tooth decay. The children who are able to keep brushing their teeth with the fluoride minerals have what is called by the dentist as topical benefits. The fluoride in such a case becomes part and parcel of your saliva and will enable your enamel to be stronger. Losing of minerals and not replacing them with more results to tooth sensitivity and cavity. The results are that the teeth, soften, decays and the only thing left to do is to eliminate them. The enamel is destroyed by the acid that is formed in the mouth by bacteria, Plaque, and sugar. The acid also takes other minerals away that are useful in tooth development. The acid in the mouth is removed when you use fluoride compliments given by a recommended dentist thus preventing the tooth decay. It is therefore recommended by the dentist that you keep brushing regularly with toothpaste that has fluoride minerals.
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Those individuals are fond of taking foods that have high content sugar are vulnerable to tooth sensitivity. It is very important for such people to ensure that they use fluoride compliments to get rid of the acid that will bring tooth sensitivity in future is not looked at. People have also had that feeling that Fluoride is very harmful to human health. Dentists insists that the only time that fluoride is harmful just like in everything else is when is used in excess. It is even in line with the saying that too much of something is poisonous. The fluoride compliments are both useful to kids and adults.Study: My Understanding of Dentists