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Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Some of the smokers will confess that they started the habit way back when they were in their teenage years. The effects of smoking at its maturity is usually the inability to perform any kind of task without having to smoke first. When considering to quit smoking, it is important that you know that the habit cannot be just broken by a simple method or attempt to do so. One of the trigger for the young people to smoke is usually to get to a certain class of maturity which in real life is never the case.

Smoking levels have greatly gone down but that doesn’t dispute the fact that there are still a majority of people who smoke. There are a number of methods and remedies that one can use to stop smoking but not all are effective in the stopping process. The success rates in stopping the addiction will surely not be the same for everyone hence need to assess whichever is most applicable for your case.

The willpower and ability to tune your mind that you can will be a large factor to fuel in your addiction fight. It is important that formulate a plan that will aid you in the journey to quitting the smoking addiction. It is important that you identify what pushes to smoke. In the cold turkey method, the affected person goes into the quitting process all by him or herself without outside help. Since the cold turkey uses no aids, no therapy, no medicine, it is quite a difficult method with only four to seven percent of people being successful by it.

Behavioral therapy involves working with a counselor to help you control the urge and want to smoke whereby you and the counselor sit and discuss the causes for you to smoke as well as the remedy that suits you. The nicotine replacement method basically majors on replacing the tobacco and cigarette smoking by using light nicotine products. With the nicotine replacement therapy, most people have been effectively able to stop smoking without much strain. A counselor may recommend prescription drugs especially for those who have not smoked for long and would wish to stop.

The best way to effectively curb the smoking menace is by using a combination of at least two methods so as to effectively speed up and handle the quitting process. It is important that you contact your counselor or doctor so that you can discuss the viability of the method chosen. In the event of changes, it is important that you reward yourself once in a while for motivation. Staying away from some of your friends will also be a helpful mechanism for you to speed up the quitting on smoking habit.

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